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And I mean I couldn't have understood much about his politics.JFK seemed way more aloof and Teddy came across as inept, but Bobby seemed like he was in the room with you.In May the FMX rider had one of only three, in the world, specialized airbags installed at his home - the other two are owned by Travis Pastrana and Nitro Circus.The new toy quickly aided his confidence while challenging his level of skill. Bobby was not only the sanest, most admired (by today's perspective) among liberals, and arguably, although certainly not undeniably, the most handsome.He was probably the one whose physique was the most fit and appreciable by today's standards as well.

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If there was anything between him and Lem Billings, it was Billings who serviced JFK.[quote]"Knocked up" means pregnant. R1 wrote, "That's like asking, "Would you rather get an STD, be [bold]beaten[/bold] on a regular basis, or drowned? I always thought it would take a great deal of restraint not to, but I also never thought he actually did."These were the responses of r 4&5. The first and the last one are obvious, so by process of elimination the second one is in reference to Bobby, which makes sense because it's in the same order. I think it's interesting how the three of them had some amazingly attractive kids (JFK Jr., Joe II) and some really kind of fugly ones ( most of the rest of Bobby's, Ted's, Caroline). Yet, there son the gay alcoholic pol is remarkably unattractive. Ethel & Eunice (who I think was a closet lesbo) were the only ones that actually knew my name. I think Ethel (I was going to be a nun) is a closet lesbian.He wore a corset most of the time, and he couldnt sit upright for long periods of time. My thoroughly heterosexual dad met all three brothers when JFK was campaigning and spent three days with them.He met Bobby first, and then JFK walked into the room.What I meant was none (that I know of) have come out, sold there story to the Enquirer, or whatever saying JFK took "advantage of me."R121, if you cannot remember or don't know that "Judith something" was Judith Exner, I'll bet you never read quotes from several women who came forward to discuss what a dud JFK was in the sack.It was roughly 20 years ago at the time of the 25th anniversary of the assassination.

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