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Also to be able to post videos and photos of real bi-couples. This is not a gay site its for male and female BI's please only post photos and videos with both males and females in them, MMF, FFM is awesome. Anyone posting photos/videos continually that are not topic related will leave the group. once in college in a shower, and it turns me on like crazy thinking about it.

The purpose of this group is to share videos and pics of mmf bisexual porn. Have Nothing Against Them Just Find That A Lot Are Staged And Not Real! I want to try it out with her and she knows it, but I don't want it to be someone we know because it may be weird afterward when we see them. Or do I just get a dildo that looks more like a real cock and make her suck it while I fuck her doggy style?

Uploads may not include: animals, torture, rape and scat. I thought our plans were about to fall apart, but she suggested that Jon and I go back to their house, hang out and wait for her to get back. He hugs the older one and kisses the younger on the forehead and they get in a car and start to leave. About five minutes into the vid and Im hard as a rock and cant wait to see her in person. I just follow his lead and take off whatever he does.

To my way of thinking those are the hottest women out there. They were an attractive, well-educated couple whod done things like this pretty regularly for a couple of years.

Hopefully we can all find things to enjoy and talk about here. Ive had my fair share of sex, but never in a multiple partner situation, and never with another guy.

He hangs up and comes back over and says, She wont be back for several hours. More later "Society" Pisses me off sometimes;the archaic cultural norms they put forth piss me off to: My main example : MONOGAMY.

I can say confidently as a fella who's been in a committed "live-in" (and 100% monogamous ) relationship for over 8 years that you CAN love a person with all your heart and Being and STILL want to flirt/date/fool/fuck around with other people WITHOUT it somehow taking away from the committed relationship.

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