Matthew roloff dating

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It has to be difficult for any parent to hear that their child blamed them for a stunted childhood.

We can't imagine how much turmoil and regret this created within Matt and Amy's marriage.

He considers the series a catalyst for his "tainted childhood." "I had tons of fun and so many opportunities and friendships, and also anger, frustration… "However; money, things, and trips — all material — cannot ultimately compensate for the immaterial experiences of a childhood innocently experienced." Jacob also confesses that he was eventually able to let go of "bitterness" directed at his parents and at the show's production company.We all make mistakes, and some viewers thought it was unfair to judge Matt for his flawed past, but the tide turned in 2007, when he was pulled over again when police in Washington County noticed his van struggling to stay in its lane.According to , officers administered a field sobriety test, which Matt reportedly failed.In 2010, Matt collapsed in his family home on an episode of the reality series (via ).His health crisis was filmed as a cliffhanger for the Season 5 finale.

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